Unified e-Hoop approach to learning differences

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In a multicultural Europe where many people have many different needs and different learning styles or face learning difficulties, Europe needs a new philosophical framework of inclusion and a unified way to address “differences”,so as to safeguard full citizen participation. e-Hoop enables learners and educators to benefit from a personalised learning environment specifically geared towards their needs.




Optimised for those at Risk of Exclusion

Innovative uses of ICT for lifelong learning are employed in general and in particular for groups at risk of exclusion. e-Hoop innovative approaches unify learners and address the needs of population groups such as:

1. Rural people who are often geographically isolated by lack of communication and transportation systems;

2. Those disadvantaged by cultural and social poverty, especially the illiterate, the elderly, women, and children;

3. The physically disabled. 



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