NTL, CNTI and HOU presented e-Hoop for the second time at the Annual Conference of the European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN). The Annual Conference 2015 was entitled ‘Expanding Learning Scenarios - Opening Out the Educational Landscape’, which fitted well to the aspirations of e-Hoop. The conference took place from 09 to 12 June 2015 in Barcelona, Spain and was attended by over 380 delegates from 45 countries. The contribution of the project was entitled ‘The e-Hoop Learning Platform – An Innovative Approach to Expand Learning Experiences for Persons with Special Needs’. e-Hoop demonstrated the following features of the open-source Learning Platform: i) underlying technological platform; ii) design, creation and implementation of sample content and individualised lessons plans; iii) pre-assessment tools for the classification of learners; iv) Learning Object (LO) delivery system; v) graphical Interfaces for learners, educators and their integration. During the session synergies were built and the project's outputs and research findings were presented and shared. The conference delegates showed considerable interest in both the project and the learning platform, with many of them providing email addresses to be further informed of the project’s progress. Brochures were also distributed.

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