AKNOW participated in the 4th Social Media World conference held at Divani Caravel in Attika (Greece) on the 15th of September 2015. The conference was attended by 60 participants.

In the context of the workshop on personal data (http://www.socialmediaworld.gr/4o-sinedrio-social-media-world-2015/programma-workshops/i-prostasia-ton-prosopikon-dedomenon-ton-pelaton-mias-on-line-epichirisis-proklisis-ke-lisis)  AKNOW had the opportunity to inform participants, especially parents and educators about the project and directed them to the project website encouraging them to check the resources available. Due to the sensitive subject and its importance, there was genuine interest from educators looking for reliable information and tools on how to deal with learning difficulties in a unified approach. During the discussions it was determined once more that existing official resources are either outdated or not very helpful and it was stressed out that the key thing is to design course which are inclusive by design, i.e. from the very beginning and this is what e-Hoop facilitates.

Plenty of educators provided their contact emails in order to be updated about the project.

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