In this section you will find all the public delibverables of the e-Hoop project:


The publicly available outcomes of the e-HOOP project are listed below one by one and are accessible online under a dedicated subdomain.

Access to the confidential and restricted results is through here(access is controlled and requires credentials – please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request access stating the reason also and a project representative will contact you).

The report documents the most prominent FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) tools supporting personalised learning.

Here both educators and learners can discover 10 reasons to use the e-HOOP platform so as to benefit from its design.

The administration and user manual covers all the e-HOOP

The dissemination plan outlines the dissemination strategy to be followed by the partners throughout the project.

The final conference organised on 12 of November 2015, marked the end of e-HOOP project and provided the opportunity to see and test the project service and products that have been developed

The publications aim to raise awareness on the project. Three (3) publications were prepared in the life of the project.

Read the project news throughout the course of the project. Six (6) newsletters were prepared in the life of the project.

The press releases cover the launch and the closure of the project.

Explore the promotional material of the e-HOOP project.

The Guide of Good Practice contains the presentation of the project, implementation phases, the main outcomes of the project and benefits and recommendations for the future.

The exploitation report illustrates the partnership actions towards the sustainability of the project.

The internal evaluation sheet is addressed to the partners of the project, so as to score the project’s performance.

A collection of Best Practices and Lessons Learned as they emerged during the project life.


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