The Dafnord Association was founded in the Goethe Institute Helsinki October 29, 2005, and registered as an association in Helsinki April 17. 2006. Dafnord is active as a network of teachers of German as a foreign language (DaF) since 2002 and promotes the use of educational ICT in teaching German. There are German teachers from more than 60 schools in Finland involved in the Dafnord activities. More than 300 language teachers (DaF) from different countries (Poland, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Estonia, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, Rumania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium) belong to Dafnord. The Dafnord Association in Finland is responsible for maintaining and developing activities of the organization. The bylaws of the association allow full membership also for teachers with other nationality than Finnish, including all board positions.

A special concern for Dafnord is to face the contemporary challenges of collaborative learning in the Internet. The theory behind the activities of Dafnord is constructivism, i.e. the learners build up their knowledge by their own educational activities. The approach implies all possible e-journalistic activities of project-based eLearning. They are performed in educational cooperation and collaboration with project partners. The Dafnord website was opened officially October 12, 2002 in Tallinn Estonia. Nowadays the main aspiration of Dafnord is the transition from email projects to project-based eLearning realized by collaborative web tools. A large number of students participate in German projects which are made using web tools. The web tool called eJournal was especially designed for purposes of international project work. The Comenius 3 network COMP@CT has provided teachers with eJournals, and COMP@CT has also looked after training, tutoring and support of teachers working in cooperation with Dafnord. The eJournals allow teachers to structure web-based project work in their own eJournal independently and to coach their students effectively in the Internet.

Partners and supporters of Dafnord have been the Educational Board of Finland, OPEKO, the National Center for Professional Development in Education, the Finnish Association for Teachers of German, the European Schools Project ESP Association, the Comenius 3 network COMP@CT, the Comenius 3 network DaF Netzwerk and the Comenius 3 network ECOLE, the training initiative Netcoach Poland, the Palmenia Center of the Helsinki University in Vantaa, the Pori Center of Learning Technology and the Goethe Institute Helsinki. The Educational Board of Finland gave funding for the activities of Dafnord in 2003-07. The Goethe institute of Helsinki supports the activities of Dafnord on a standing basis. Many active participants of Dafnord are active in partner projects of “Das Bild der Anderen”, and also in the eTwinning projects of the EU. A good example of eTwinning projects made in an eJournal by DaF teachers was the award of the 2nd best eTwinning project in Europe 2007 for Loredana Vertuani from Italy and Kirsti Lähteenmäki from Finland.

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